Don't Agonize. Organize.

Well friends.  It's time to Make America Great Again.  It remains to be seen how that will unfold and what is to come.  I can say with much confidence though, that if America is to be improved or even maintained WE have to join together in unity and respect and in love to stand up for things that matter to us.  Time to stand up for people who are scared, marginalized and threatened.  Time to stand up for the planet we love.  It is easy to feel fear and despair, but I vote we choose action.  Action over agony. 

We are all people, with so much more in common than in difference.  The divisive forces of hate and fear have mobilized.  They have always been there but they've been given a powerful and forceful outlet.  It's not enough to be a good person anymore; the uniting forces of love and positivity have to mobilize as well.

It's time for aggressive positivity.

It's time to act in the interests of the world we want to see and protect.  Below are some organizations to become involved with.  Take action or donate:

Mindful Action


Off The Mat, Into the World


Sierra Club

Earth Justice

Natural Resources Defense Council

Ocean Conservancy

American Rivers

Defenders of Wildlife

Don't underestimate the power of working locally for environmental change.  Small local victories can make a difference.  Work with your local city council to create change.  Also make your views and wishes known to your elected representatives.  Not sure who that is?  Click Here.

Marginalized Populations & Social Justice:

Inter Cambio (Boulder County)

Sister Carmen (Boulder County)

American Immigration Counsel


International Refugee Assistant Project

Boulder Outreach Homeless Overflow (Boulder County)

OUT Boulder (Boulder County)

The Trevor Project

NAACP Defense Fund


Women's Issues

Planned Parenthood

The Center For Reproductive Rights

Moving to End Sexual Assault (Boulder County)

Journalistic Accountability


Journalistic integrity is key to administrative accountability.  Support your local newspaper or consider subscribing to a national publication like: 

The Washington Post

The New York Times

The truth is most of our life unfolds in small ways, with little events, reactions, words, choices.  We have to make a difference in even the smallest of ways.  Apathy is allowance.  Indifference is supporting.  Take a stand for kindness every day, in every way you can.  Don't allow hate to pass before you unchecked.  #LoveRevolution #AggressivePositivity