Marin McCallen is a life-long student and natural teacher. Her deep enthusiasm for sharing the knowledge and benefits of yoga shines through in all of her offerings.

Marin's own dedicated practice began in 2007 and was a transforming force in her life, leading to deeper self-insight, increasingly healthy habits, and strength in body and purpose.  Her evolution into teacher enforced her belief in yoga as a practice with the power to heal, as she witnessed similar shifts in her students again and again.

Marin approaches her teachings with reverence for the wisdom and tradition of yoga, and with light-hearted humor and enjoyment of life. She embodies the natural curiosity of a traveler, and exudes a willingness of heart. Her teaching style is articulate, enthusiastic, present, grounding, and empowering. 

She remains a student, perennially studying, and trained in many different modalities including vinyasa flow, yin & restorative yoga. Since 2014 Marin’s primary passion has been the study and teaching of Yoga Nidra. Her grounded presence and resonant voice hold space for practitioners to easily relax into the deeper levels of experience this practice allows.

After traveling, teaching and training around the world, Marin is happy to be home in her native Colorado.  When she is not teaching classes & workshops, leading retreats or yoga teacher training's, you can find Marin adventuring through the southwest and beyond. 

“I grew up on a ranch in (extremely) rural southwestern Colorado.  We didn’t have a TV, or neighbors my age, and as a result I spent a lot of time reading books or outdoors, entertaining myself with my imagination and the world around me.  At my core I’m a lifelong learner and seeker of knowledge, and a bone-deep nature lover.  I’ve never felt separate from nature, and thus find it easy to tap into the calming quality of the earth.  That grounded presence is one of the defining characteristics of my personality and my teaching.“


Education & Training

200 RYT,  Vidya Heisel, Frog Lotus Yoga,  February 2013

Thai Yoga Certification, Nicole Oleson, May 2014

Yin Yoga Training, Asha Wolf, February 2015

Yoga Nidra Teacher Certification Level 1, Jeremy Wolf, May 2015

500 RYT,  Meghan Stockdale, Soul Tree Yoga,  August 2015

Restorative Yoga Training, Lori Glazebrook, October 2015

Yoga Nidra Teacher Certification Level 2, Jeremy Wolf, February 2016

200 ERYT,  February 2016

YACEP,  Certified continuing Education Provider, August 2016

500 ERYT June 2017

300 Hour Advanced Training, Amy Ippoliti & 90 Monkeys, Currently

In addition to the trainings I've taken, I have had the good fortune to learn with so many wonderful and inspiring teachers in both workshop and intensive settings.  I've been greatly influenced by the time spent with Kathryn Budig, Sianna Sherman, Dharma Mittra, Amy Ippoliti, Asha Wolf, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sally Kempton and Amrit Desai, and am grateful to consider them my teachers.


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