“Life changing.”

"Thank you so much for leading the retreat this weekend. You remain one of the most influential women I know. You are a force, a provider (of sneaky fire building skills, and so many things), an encourager, a wealth of information, and a gentle leader. Plus, you're freakin' hilarious.  Proud to know you, lady. And so thankful for your adventurous ideas for retreats- they are life changing."

— K.H.

“You have inspired me.”

Gotta say...how incredibly impressed I am with you and your workshop! Your love and passion come through loud and clear. You are organized and your delivery and materials are well-thought-out. You are articulate and well-spoken and have obviously read and studied a ton because your knowledge is vast. I truly feel honored to be in your workshop, and Soul Tree is blessed to have you on the staff!
You have also inspired me to deepen my own knowledge base. Thank you!

— T.C.


“Marin is a powerful teacher of Yoga and Life!  She leads with strength and compassion, sprinkles her classes full of wit and laughter, and challenges you to move deeply into your personal practice finding YOUR own unique personal power. I have had the opportunity to take classes from her in Costa Rica, Thailand, and the U.S. and they have been forever life changing! If you are looking for some inspiration from an extraordinary adventurous soul with a huge heart, a wealth of knowledge, and an unquenchable thirst and desire to make the world a better place... then spend some time with Marin!”

— R.B.


“Will leave you feeling joyful.”

“Marin's teaching style will leave you feeling joyful, healthy, and in better shape than when you started. Her classes have a playful flow, so you won't even notice how challenging a posture is until you're done with it! Her careful guidance through poses allows a person to feel comfortable and confident in their yoga abilities. Marin can easily explain how to modify a pose for any level, or for any physical limitations a person has. If you want to have fun in class and leave feeling stronger than when you came in, then Marin is the teacher for you!”

— K.K.

“A great balance of challenge and humor.”

“Marin is a genuine, fun-loving yoga instructor. She is very enthusiastic and welcoming to all levels of student. She offers a great balance of challenge and humor in every class. Her beautiful soul and dedication to her students shines right through.” 

— M.M.


“The serenity of a meditative mind with the passion of a dedicated yogi.”

"To borrow from the words of Yeats, Marin's workshop is the "lighting of a fire" in each of her students -- the fire of Yoga Nidra. She gracefully embodies the serenity of a meditative mind with the passion of a dedicated yogi, and her theoretical command of the subject does not disappoint. You will come out of class with a good understanding of the benefits of this practice on the brain and subtle body, and with a fully rested mind to boot. Expect to be trained to confidently guide others on the Nidra journey. I was guiding friends and enjoying the benefits of this type of shared meditation within a week from class. Highly recommended!"

— V.S.

“A grounded and empowering teacher.”

This was a phenomenal training that has allowed me to connect more with students, through a deeper relaxation and connection of themselves through a Yoga Nidra practice.  

Marin in a grounded and empowering teacher. She led us through several sweet practices to allow us to feel, discover and lead a powerful, nidra to our students.

— P.F.


I am deeply grateful to all my students. Namaste.