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Orcas Island Retreat

  • Doe Bay Resort Doe Bay, WA (map)

This summer take time for yoga, meditation, Yoga Nidra, and adventuring in the beautiful San Juan Islands!  This 5 day retreat offers the perfect Pacific Northwest getaway of practice, relaxation, giving back, connection with nature, and adventure.

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Join ERYT 500 Marin McCallen for this unique retreat experience.  Each morning we will practice an integrative & intuitive all levels Vinyasa Flow in the comfort of the Doe Bay Yoga Studio.  The evening yoga class will be a combo of Yin/Restore capped off by a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra session.  Daily breakfasts and dinners will literally be farm to table; provided by Red Rabbit Farms, with food sourced from the island.  There will be ample opportunities to enjoy the soaking pools at the Doe Bay Spa, explore the island, and even the sea, with a kayak whale-watching tour off the coast of nearby San Juan Island. 

The intention behind this retreat is to forge a connection; between body and soul, this beautiful place in the earth, the people we share it with, and if we are lucky enough to see them, with the Orcas, known to the local Lummi Nation as as “qwe lhol mechen,” or “people that live under the water.”  It is an opportunity to get back to what is important: health, pure food, community and the enjoyment & conservation of our home.  The combination of all of these elements create a special kind of magic that will nourish your whole being, inspire you and leave you with life-long memories.



Price includes:

·      4 nights lodging at Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island.

·      Twice daily Yoga and Yoga Nidra sessions.

·      Unlimited soaking pool and spa access at the Doe Bay Resort Spa.

·      A kayak whale-watching tour through the Salish Sea

·      A trip up Mt. Constitution, the highest point in the islands.

·      Farm-fresh, vegetarian meals (breakfast & dinner) catered by local Red Rabbit Farm.

·      A donation to The Center For Whale Research to support their work studying and protecting the Southern Resident Orcas. (30% of proceeds)

·      Welcome circle & ceremony

·      Free time to enjoy the island & beautiful Doe Bay.


Price Does Not Include:

·      Airfare (Seattle or Bellingham International Airports are the closest major aiports)

·      Shuttle service from the airport & ferry – if needed this can be arranged through the resort for an additional fee.

·      Ferry to Orcas Island


Optional Add-ons:

·      Massage & spa treatments at Doe Bay Spa

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 The Retreat House at Doe Bay Resort…

 Private Rooms – Each room has one queen sized bed

Single: $1,307 regular – $1,232 early bird

Shared: $1,107 regular – $1,032 early bird


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Double Rooms – Each room has two beds; two twins, or one twin one queen (queen can be shared)

Double: $1,107 regular – $1,032 early bird

Triple: $1,057 regular – 982 early bird


Shared Downstairs – futons and twins:

4 spaces: $1,057 – 982 early bird

Yin Yurt Bed.jpg

On-grid Yurt – one queen

Single: $1,195 regular - $1,120 early bird

Shared: $971 regular - $896 early bird


 Off-grid Waterfront Yurt – one queen

Single: $1,131 regular - $1,056 early bird

Shared: $939 regular - $864 early bird

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Waterfront Campsites

Single: $934 regular - $859 early bird

Double: $818 regular - $743 early bird

*A non-refundable deposit of $300 holds your space for all lodging; the remaining balance is due June 17th, 2019. 

*Early Bird Rate ends June 3rd. Deposits must be received on or before that date to receive a discounted rate.

About Yoga Nidra: 

The practice of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation in Savasana, has many benefits including increased serotonin and decreased cortisol and adrenaline in the body, helping to counteract the effects of stress, anxiety, and even trauma.  Facilitating the release of accumulated physical, mental and emotional tensions, this rejuvenating practice encourages deeper sleep.  Yoga Nidra brings balance to every system of the body, all while simply relaxing in awareness. 

*This practice is accessible for all bodies & skill levels.  Our retreat attendees universally love Yoga Nidra, and agree that it brings an even deeper level of intention, relaxation and bliss to their time away. 


About the Teacher:

Marin McCallen is a yogini, professional photographer and world traveler.  She spent her high school years living in Bellingham, Washington and the Pacific Northwest is dear to her heart.  Her past interactions with the Orcas of the Salish Sea impacted her life and forged a commitment to educate others about these beautiful creatures, and to support their conservation through unique and healing retreat experiences such as this one. 


 About the Location:

Enjoy the long summer days, temperate weather and luxurious sunsets of the Pacific Northwest.  Orcas Island is one of the largest of the San Juan Islands, a group of over 400 small islands north of Puget Sound, off the coast of Washington State & British Columbia.  The forested islands and surrounding waters are home to a host of animals, including deer, bald eagles, salmon, herring, seals, and Orca whales.  Their eco-systems are truly unique and beautiful.  The islands are connected by a ferry network and enjoy views of the Olympic Mountains, Mt. Baker and Vancouver Island.  Summer is truly a magical time in the Pacific Northwest and Orcas Island enjoys an unusually high number of sunny days year round.

Doe Bay Resort is located right on the south eastern coast of Orcas Island, overlooking the sparkling waters of it’s namesake bay. The beautiful 38 acre waterfront escape offers plenty of space to relax, get grounded, and make memories.  Hike the hills and wander the beaches. Get a massage or meditate in your own special spot. Relax your body and mind in the sauna and soaking tubs. Connect with friends old and new around the community fire ring. Doe Bay is the place to unwind, retreat and renew.

A warm heart of the Doe Bay stay, the clothing-optional soaking tubs and sauna are an idyllic way to begin or finish a day here. For many guests, this experience is the centerpiece of their Doe Bay stay, offering supreme relaxation with one of the best views in the region. 



About the Orcas:


The Southern Resident Orcas are a pod of 75 Orca whales who call the Salish Sea their home.  Unlike the so-called transient Orcas who migrate over greater range and prey on seals, The Southern Residents adapted to life in the once salmon rich waters of the Salish Sea.  They primarily eat Chinook Salmon. 

Commonly known as “Killer Whales” these beautiful and highly intelligent creatures are actually not whales at all, but a large species of dolphin.  Unlike the fearsome name they’ve been given Orcas are curious, loving and playful.  They have complex communications and social behaviors, rich emotional lives and live in family pods for life.  The Southern Residents are composed of 3 main pods: J, K, and L pods.  They socialize and mate with each other.  They are dearly loved and emblematic of the area.   If you are lucky enough to have an encounter with them, you will never forget it. 

The Southern Resident Orcas are the only population of Orca whales to be listed under the Endangered Species Act.  This particular group faces many threats to their existence.  Their blubber stores high levels of toxins, especially PCBs, which can disrupt their reproductive, thyroid, endocrine, and immune systems, harm their brains and trigger cancer.  The Salish Sea has become a high traffic area for fishing boats and tankers which get dangerously close to the animals and emit noise that disrupts their sonar which they use to communicate and hunt.  Perhaps most dire, their staple food source, the Chinook Salmon, is endangered and has itself seen massive population decline.  The Southern Residents food source is running out.  For these and other reasons the Southern Resident Orcas are critically endangered and need our help. 

30% of all the proceeds from this retreat will be donated to The Center For Whale Research, a non-profit that supports the Orcas through research, education and action. 

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 Please Note:

*The ferry transport is not included in the price.  Airport or ferry terminal pickup can be coordinated through the resort for additional fee.  Rental cars are also an option.  You can check the ferry schedule here . Please be advised that walk-on and car rates vary.

* Check in time is 3pm on Wednesday, please arrive in time for our 5:00pm welcome circle followed by 7pm dinner.

* The retreat investment includes farm to table, vegetarian breakfasts and dinners.  Participants are responsible for their own lunches. Lunch can be prepared by participants in the retreat house kitchen & BBQ, purchased at the Doe Bay Café, or in town on the island.

*Excursions are included but never mandatory.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask! EMAIL ME.


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