I Know What Karma Means, It Means You Owe Me.

Based on a brief search of internet memes I've come to the conclusion that we on the internet have a complete misunderstanding of what Karma is.  Karma friends is NOT a cosmic retribution for your sins and transgressions.  It is not a philosophical piggy bank that you store up good deeds in to take to the Karmic Coinstar and exchange for blessings.

Karma is basically: something happens, then something else happens in response.  It is a pebble in a pond.  It is cause and effect.  Pure and simple.  Now could you argue that good pebbles cause good ripples and bad pebbles cause bad ripples?  Sure. Knock yourself out.  But here's the thing: all pebbles cause ripples.  There is no way of knowing what effect is caused by the cause.  Bad deeds can create good outcomes.  Good deeds can create misery.  And, now here's the important part, doing something good just to get good in return is not helping your Karma.

The point of your good deeds should be to create goodness and harmony and ease in your being and the lives of beings around you.  The residue of your bad deeds should (hopefully) carry a lesson that you can learn and grow from.  Continue this growing and goodness and you will start to elevate your knowledge and spiritual state.  An elevated spiritual state means fewer lessons to learn in each progressive lifetime (if you're on board the reincarnation train).  Finally when you've burned through all your lessons and release all your habits and tendencies (or Samskaras - but that's another post) enlightenment will be achieved.  Hmmm now how to express that on a meme?  Ok I can't.  But here is one anyway because Karma and Morticia.

Disclaimer: This is a simplified breakdown of my understanding of Karma so far.  If there any hard core Karma scholars out there that take issue with this feel free to message me with your notes. xx